Octorber 6, 2010
GROUND BREAKING of NSK America Corporation

NSK America Corporation, a subsidiary of NSK Nakanishi Inc. a global manufacture of hand tool spindles, hand tools and dental instruments headquartered in Tochigi Japan, has selected a premier site at the Huntington 90 business park, represented by WHITE CUBE/NAI Hiffman in Hoffman Estates, Illinois for its new 25,550 square foot Americas headquarters.

The headquarters will serve as the North, Central and South American headquarters for NSK America Corporation and will include offices, warehouse and a large showroom in addition to customized repair and testing areas for NSK’s diversified product line.

The building will complete in April 2011.

株 式 会 社 ナ カ ニ  シ (本社、栃 木 県 鹿 沼 市 下 日向 700 番 地)北米子会社 NSK America Corporation は、この度、北/中/南米事業を統括する北米本社を、イリノイ州ホフマンエステイトに所在し、WHITE CUBE/NAI Hiffmanが担当するHuntington 90 ビジネスパーク内に建設することを決定。新社屋はオフィス/倉庫併せて総面積25,550スクエアーフット(約720坪)。



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